Ashok Sagar Lake

Ashok Sagar Lake in Nizamabad can be a good destination for not just bird enthusiasts but also those who love nature and water bodies
Locally referred to as Jankampet tank, the lake is named after the Collector of Nizamabad district Ashok Kumar for the great work he did for people here. As it is located on the way to the highway that leads to Basar, the lake has become quite a popular place.

As you enter the lake, you see the 18-feet statue of Saraswati erected in the centre. Right next to the lake is the Ashoka Rock Garden where you’ll feel it’s worth spending some time walking around taking in the beauty of the surroundings before you continue your onward journey.

Boating facility is also available here. You can either take a speed boat and cruise across the lake or take a pedal boat and move around at your own pace. The boat ride is really enjoyable during the mornings and evenings.

Located opposite the lake is the Jankampet Dargah wherein locals come to pray. It is believed that anyone who prays here can get their wishes fulfilled. We walk a bit around the nearby village. Some of the houses were quite old and built in the traditional way.

There is particularly one two-storeyed house that attracted my attention. Like most of the houses in the villages, it had blue doors with the lower portion of the door frame in yellow. Right on top of the door was an Om symbol. There was a tulsi plant in front of the house like in most Hindu houses.

How to Go: Ashok Sagar is located at a distance of 8 kms from Nizamabad on the way to Basar on NH63. It is 176 kms from Hyderabad, via the Nagpur Highway and then a small detour. It generally takes about three-and-a-half hours to reach there by car. There are buses to Nizamabad from Hyderabad, and further to Ashok Sagar.

When to go: The best time of the year to go is September to March. After that, it gets really hot.

You can enjoy the beauty of the place during the evening when the boat rides happen.

Where to stay: You will get hotels of all budgets in Nizamabad.

Other places to visit: There are some places nearby which can be visited in the same trip.

Basar Saraswati temple is a very famous temple just 25 kms from the lake. Saraswati is the Hindu Goddess of learning. The only Saraswati temple apart from this one is in Jammu and Kashmir State.

Bodhan is a nearby town famous for the Deval Masjid which was originally a Jain temple with beautiful architecture.

Nizamabad Fort and Neelkanteshwar Temple in Nizamabad town are some must-visit places and worth spending some time.

Siddulagutta is a very interesting cave temple on top of small hills quite close by.